This is the story of typical middle class More family from Bhuinj village located in Satara district from Maharashtra.

Suryakant More & Sarita More are the two pillars of this house.. Suryakant has 3 brothers...Vaibhav, Prashant, Omkar & Mother Lakshmi.. Unfortunately, Lakshmi gets paralyzed and bedridden for ten years. 

Sarita, the elder daughter in law had lost her parents in her childhood and used to live at Surykant's maternal uncle's house as a dependant.

Dhananjay Dhawale is Lakshmi's brother and Asha Dhawale is wife of Dhananjay Dhawale.
Asha was never happy with Sarita and Asha always wanted to get rid of her responsibility towards Sarita. 

Vijumama is a friend of Lakshmi's husband Manohar, who stands behind this More Family after the accidental death of Manohar. While Dhananjay, the real younger brother of Lakshmi refuses to help her in her critical condition. Due to this behavior of Dhananjay and Asha, there are some rivalry gets start between these two houses...
'Vijumama', stands behind Lakshmi like a rock & supports her in every situation. Vijumama helps Suryakant in his workplace also.

Dhananjay and Asha Dhawale has 2 daughters.
Jyoti married & Anjali is perusing her studies.
For Suryakant's marriage, Lakshmi wishes to bring Jyoti as a daughter in law in her More Family.
For which Asha strongly refuses and Asha tactfully arranges Sarita's marriage with Surykant. This rejection causes Lakshmi to be paralyzed and bedridden. 

Sarita enters More house as elder daughter in law and take care and responsibilities of More family members.
Surykant and Sarita willfully sacrifice their parenthood to take care of 3 brothers and Lakshmi. 
Aunt Asha always gets envy of Lakshmi's house.. but Anjali always loved Vaibhav a lot.. 

Vaibhav gets higher eduction...& his love of life is ' Avani Mhatre '. who belongs from very prestigious & wealthy family. Her Father is a big shark of the business..Named as 'Sarjerao Mhatre'.. 
Sarjerao Mhatre loved her dearest girl a lot. He doesn't like Avani's relationship with Vaibhav. 

But marriages are made in heaven as we all said.. So Avani gets married to Vaibhav & Anjali to the Prashant.

Asha Dhawale and Sarjerao always try to break More family's strength and togetherness. 
Coming to every storm to their house & solving each obstacle of their life how Sarita & Suryakant take care of their family in a very delicate & lovely manner is the new journey of relationships.

Director - Bharat Gaikwad.
Screenplay and Dialogue - Tejpal Jayant Wagh.

Cast - Sunil Barve, Nandita Patkar, Kishori Ambiye, Annapurna Bhairi, Amey Barve, Akash Nalawade, Akash Shinde, Harishchandra Bhandare, Santosh Patil, Komal Kumbhar, Sakshi Gandhi, Raju Athawale.